Healthy School Lunches - Term 3

From the beginning of Term 3 this year Waimate High School will have free healthy school lunches for every student, every day.  This is part of the Ministry of Education initiative to provide lunches that are healthy and nutritious.

We are delighted to announce that our lunches will be provided by Pita Pit. The menu is tasty and filling and designed to appeal to children. There are currently 8 different menu items with more in the pipeline, which will give our students plenty of variety. Each day there will also be two sides of either fruit, cheese, a biscuit or muffin.

Students who require a specialized diet will be catered for. This includes specialised diets for ethical, religious, or medical reasons. We have a form to be filled out with these requirements. Click here for further information or collect a copy from the school office.  Please note that this is for genuine diet requirements and not just because a child dislikes a particular food. Forms are to be returned to the school office as soon as possible.

At this stage the board has agreed to continue to run our school canteen for selling food at interval but there will be no food or drinks sold during lunchtime as the free healthy lunches will be dispensed from the canteen at that time. As this is new for all of us, we will be trialling the canteen arrangements.  If you have any questions about how this new scheme will operate, please contact the school office.