Cross Country



This year the Cross Country was a great success. We had a slight change to the course due to field conditions, and the new location around the race course proved perfect. House Spirit was high and the participation numbers were better than ever. It was awesome to see everyone getting behind and supporting their houses with wearing their house theme and participating in either the walk or the run. If you happened to walk past you would have thought Pitcaithly was the house of twins, somehow Chisholm house had worked out how to time travel and brought back some fierce warriors and beautiful goddesses from ancient greece, Leadbetter house had had gone crazy by building a spaceship and flying it into space then painting the moon blue coursing a magic portal to open up in the school for a race of smurfs to fall through, and finally you would have thought Grant house was just a little confused with boys dressed as girls and girls dressed as boys. Seeing greek goddesses and warriors, smurfs, cross dresses and twins all running around you would of thought we were just a little mad. But thats okay because it was a lot of fun and the house spirit was amazing.

It was a cloudy day with a reasonably cold wind that put a bit of a chill in the air so the people that participated were really brave for grinning and bearing it for the benefit of their house, although it wasn’t that bad once you started running.

It was good to see a hand full of teachers getting out there and giving it a go as well as dressing up to support their house. Also big thanks to the teachers and students that were out there helping run the event. Finally a huge thank you to our groundskeepers Mr Hamilton and Mr Pimm for setting up and marking out the course, we wouldn’t have been able to run the event without you guys.

by Michael Garland