WHS Sports

Swimming Sports

This event happens every year. This year the Swimming Sports were held on a sunny day which increases participation. For every length a student swims they get one house point. All of the students can get involved in the Swimming Sports, especially the novelty events like the baton, changing and lilo relays. This year participation was high with most seniors getting involved which encouraged the younger students to have a go.




Athletics Sports

The Athletic Sports is an event that happens once a year. This year the athletics had very high participation with the relays being the main events for each age group. Students are allowed to dress up in their house colours which makes the day fun. This year there were some excellent performances from Michael Garland who broke the 400m record for his age group, Ruby Cochrane who broke her age group's discus and javelin records, and Gemma Botica who broke the 100m record for her age group. Slushies were sold by two students at the event this year and the money raised will be donated to the Cancer Foundation at the same time as the school's big Shave Off.




Cross Country

The Cross Country involves running and walking the track that is around the school field. It is a large event that has a large amount of participation and it increases each year. It allows the whole school to get involved. The junior students can walk or run 3km and the senior students can walk 3km or run 4.5km. This year the students were in a team's event and it meant each house had to have four members complete the course in each age group. The students enjoyed this and got into the spirit of the dress-up walking event as well.