Leaving Waimate High - IT Support

Leaving Waimate High School

When you are marked by the school office in the school’s student management system as "Left" you will lose access to your school Google and Microsoft accounts - so all of your work. You need to plan in advance if you wish to keep a copy of all this work. The following documents will provide you with some information on how to retain and transfer electronically stored work.

Note 1: this information maybe out of date so use the internet for more information - or if any of you have some good advice that you want to share with other students let us know and we will publish it here.

Note 2: when you are marked as left you loose access to your work however the accounts are not delete so we still retain access to it all - it is not deleted. So if you really need something that you did not copy let us know and we will assist you.

Microsoft documents: I recommend you download your Microsoft files onto a laptop/desktop/a USB flash drive. If you only have a few documents you want to keep them just download them individually. If you have a lot of work to keep then I would suggest you install One Drive onto your desktop/laptop and then sign into One Drive with your school Microsoft account. This will automatically download everything onto the desktop - then copy and paste all you work into a safe location. You can now sign out of One Drive. Click here for the Downloading OneDrive Sync Client and go to the section Install and setup.

Outlook email: If you wish to backup all of your email and contacts follow these instructions. Again you will need your own laptop to complete this task. The process involves sync'ing your email to your computer, taking an export of it into a pst file and then importing that file into a new email account. 

If you only have a few emails that you want to keep I suggest you forward the emails to your new email address.

And remember....let everyone know what your new email address is so that you can stay connected.

Google documents:  If you only have a few documents you want to keep them just download them individually in the format suits you best (word doc/PDF etc) and save them to your laptop/desktop/a USB flash drive.
If you have your own personal Google Account you could share the documents with your personal account - however your school account is still the "owner" of the documents and these docs will disappear when your school account is deleted. So you MUST go to your personal account and create a copy of the shared document. The copies are owned by your personal account and so these are the documents that you can keep. 

If you have a lot of work to keep then look at these links for further information.

Google Takeout - How to transfer everything at one time

Chromebooks: Email or see Mrs Bailey in the library to have your chromebook removed from the Chromebook Management System (deprovisioned). Once it has been deprovisioned from the system you will need to PowerWash the device to remove all the Waimate High School policies and restrictions.

PowerWash the device by following these 5 steps (Note: PowerWashing your device does not delete any of your files from your Google Drive or One Drive. It does however clear files in your "downloads" folder on your Chromebook):

1. Press Esc + Refresh Circle arrow Key +Power  (the screen will now show a yellow exclamation mark)
2. Press Ctrl+D  (the yellow exclamation mark is now gone)
3. Press Enter   (you will now see a red exclamation mark)
4. Press the Spacebar  (you can still see the red exclamation mark)
5. Press Enter (you will now see a green tick)