We had a couple of magnificent athletics days this year with stunning weather, an energetic atmosphere and if you concentrated hard enough you could see a red and gold blur as our friendly superhero The Flash popped in for a visit. From when everyone piled onto the field that thursday afternoon and as the house banners were raised you could feel the competitive tension and house pride boiling up, the athletics vibe was back!

The events energy and house spirit was felt throughout the two days from the speeding around the track to flying through the air to hertling an object into space with a mighty scream. The support for the people competing was incredible with their friends encouraging them, fellow house members giving them support and the proud Mums Grandparents there solely to cheer on and slightly embarase. Everybody had loads of fun participating and getting places in the events, students really gave their all in the events which was shown with an impressive six records broken.

And finally the house relays did not disappoint with being the soul of the house pride displays, from the frantic organised chaos of getting the teams ready by the house leaders to the whole house cheering and encouraging their runners to take the win, the atmosphere was incredible and brought with it spectacular results with some relay records being broken.

The prefect vs teachers relay is never one to miss and this year was no exception, it was a mighty tough battle but the prefects came out on top to withhold their honour.

A massive thankyou to all the teachers manning stations, timing races and supporting the students, you guys are the best and you do such a awesome job each year. Huge thanks to the prefect team for helping set up and pack down before and after each day. Last but not least a big thank you to our groundskeepers Mr Hamilton and Mr Pimm for marking out the fields, setting up and packing down and always making the grass out on the field look fabulous.