Student Leaders


2019 Prefects

Left to Right: Campbell Sheddan and Catherine Nichol (Head Prefects), Angus Wilson and Ari Dungey (Deputy Prefects),

Tom Fletcher (Sports Prefect) and Angela Caisip (Arts Prefect)

2018 Prefects

Left to Right: Head Prefects, Kate Colvill and Monique Gooch and Deputies Hannah Dungey, Kasi Van Kleef and Daniel Crichton.



2017 Prefects

Queenie Dela Cruz (Sports Prefect), Ella Bray (Sports Prefect), Daniel Buckingham (Head Boy), Niamh O'Donnell (Head Girl), Isaac Williams (Arts Prefect), Megan White (Arts Prefect).

2016 Prefects

Head Boy Dilraj Toor, Head Girl Rhiannon Dungey, Deputy Prefect Zara Wilson, Arts Prefect Susanna Morton, Sports Prefect Hamish Sheddan.

Prefects 2016





2015 Prefects

Head Prefects - Bridget Rollinson and Tayne MacMillan, Deputies - Lucy Sanderson and Cameron Fletcher, Principal - Janette Packman,  Arts Prefects - Phoebe Storr and Ben Partleton, Sports Prefects - Kelly Nooy and Logan Fraser.



Prefect 2014

Our Prefects for 2014 were announced and presented with their badges, blazers and stripy ties in assembly at the beginning of the year. The new ties have been introduced for the first time this year. The Prefects are:

Head Prefects Sophie Dempster

                    Dion Batchelor

Deputies        Nicole Gough

                    Shaun Rooney

Arts               Lizzie Homer

                    Arthur Campbell

Sports            Caitlin Fahey

                     Michael Garland

This group is also supported by the Student Council, Arts Council and Sports Council which provide other students with leadership roles and responsibilities each year.